Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GSA Executive Invokes Fifth Amendment [video]

GSA executive asserts right to remain silent – " . . . Inspector General Brian Miller made clear that he's not done investigating GSA current and former officials, following his lengthy report April 2 on an October 2010 Las Vegas conference that cost taxpayers $823,000. The regional executive who hosted the Western Regions Conference, Jeffrey Neely, invoked his Fifth Amendment rights . . . "We do have other ongoing investigations including all sorts of improprieties, including bribes . . . " Miller told the committee. He added later, "We have recommended criminal charges." . . . . Committee members from both parties could barely restrain themselves as they sometimes shouted their outrage over the spending. They not only raged on about the overall figure, but at specific taxpayer expenditures for a mind-reader, over-priced commemorative coins, bicycles for a team-building exercise and trips by GSA employees and their family members to the Las Vegas strip. Lawmakers said they couldn't understand why Johnson, the agency head who resigned after Miller's findings became public, waited for months to take action after receiving a preliminary report almost a year earlier. And demanded to know why Johnson granted Neely a $9,000 bonus after learning of the conference. . . . " For more information on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:


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