Saturday, May 12, 2012

Public worker benefits are killing government services

Here's the real "priority" at work in many governmental entities: Government employees' (including retirees) pay and benefits come first. Services for the public, last.--

Queens Crap: Public worker benefits are killing gov't services: "Across New York, the cost of health benefits for retired government employees is growing so rapidly that it threatens to crowd out funding for essential government services. Rather than lay off police or close libraries, public officials may want to use their discretion to alter retiree health insurance — but some state legislators are trying to take away that discretion. These lawmakers are introducing bills that would prevent government officials from reducing current benefit levels — in effect, forcing them to sacrifice core services instead. In fiscal year 2012, New York City will pay $1.6 billion for health insurance for retired government employees — more than is budgeted for transportation and park operations combined. The state paid $1.3 billion for retiree health care in fiscal year 2011-12, as much as it gave to support the City University. . ."


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