Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dying Detroit needs ACTION not words

Detroit--on life support--is a classic case of Democratic Party policies destroying the fabric of a city. Even the current Mayor doesn't get it.  When you have an organization, city, country--anything--in as bad shape as Detroit is, you take DRASTIC action, and here he is again just promising faster change. ACTION, not words Mayor!!

Bing vows faster pace of change for city | The Detroit News | "Responding to a Detroit News poll this week showing some 40 percent of residents plan to leave within five yearsmostly due to crime — Bing said it's critical to get fiscal reforms in place. City administrators pointed to Midtown development as a sign that Detroit is poised for rebirth. "This is a long-term problem," he said. "We've got to get people thinking it's worth staying here, because it's starting to change. That it's not the time to run, because something good is starting to happen.""

Well as they say--LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!


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