Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eisenhower family fights design of memorial

Eisenhower family continues to fight ‘totalitarian state’ design of memorial - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: "A proposed Frank Gehry designed memorial for President Eisenhower is being vehemently protested by his only living son as well as granddaughters, who have objected both to the high cost to taxpayers and the design concept. A letter made public November 20 by granddaughter Susan Eisenhower details the latest events in the ongoing struggle between the family and the commission. It also highlights yet another attempt to impose a thinly veiled progressive narrative over historical events (the Rev. Martin Luther King. Jr. memorial comes to mind). Philip Kennicott, the Washington Post’s culture critic, writes: “Gehry has produced a design that inverts several of the sacred hierarchies of the classical memorial, emphasizing ideas of domesticity and interiority rather than masculine power and external display.” The design, which features 80-foot tall ”giant industrial steel” tapestries, is considered by Susan to evoke a ”totalitarian state.” The tapestries are estimated to add considerable cost to the already substantial $120 million cost for their upkeep."

Hope the Eisenhower family is successful. My hat is off to them.


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