Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thousands of public employee retirees draw pension and salary simultaneously

When can one be "retired" and work at the same time? When you retire from/work for the government!--

Report: Thousands of public employee retirees draw pension, salary simultaneously: ". . . From substitute teachers to cabinet secretaries, thousands of public employees in Wisconsin who retired in recent years returned to work, allowing them to earn both a paycheck and a state pension, according to a Legislative Audit Bureau report released Friday. And while many employees and employers like the arrangement, the system can be abused, the report found. The state lawmaker who blew the whistle on the practice last year, Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, thinks it's time for it to be abolished. "Steve is pretty emphatic — he thinks the report indicates double dipping needs to end," Nass spokesman Mike Mikalsen said. But Employee Trust Funds Secretary Robert Conlin said the audit bureau report supports continuation of the practice but with measures to crack down on those who cheat the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) by pre-arranging their return to government service. . . . "


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