Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miami Beach Corruption From Bathrooms to Frozen Yogurt Stand

South Beach's Corrupt Projects: From Bathrooms to Frozen Yogurt Stand - Miami - News - Riptide 2.0: "When Gus Lopez was arrested in October on 63 charges ranging from money laundering to bribery, even the most jaded Miami Beach residents were amazed at the extent of his alleged corruption. For five years, the city's procurement director had run a contract racket out of his office at city hall, prosecutors say. Lopez connived to award multimillion-dollar contracts to friends, who then funneled more than $600,000 to him, his model wife, and accomplice Pierre Landrin Jr. The scam was splashed all over the papers. But little has been written about the lasting consequences of Lopez's corruption. His scheme not only cost Miami Beach taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars but also saddled the city with shoddy public works projects -- many of which are over budget or years overdue."

But who supervised Gus and his department?


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