Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google's $7 Million Fine To Pay The Lawyers

Google's $7 Million Fine: It'll Pay The Lawyers But Not Much Else - Forbes: " . . . . There’s 30 States party to this suit. The damages will be split up between them. $230k a piece? That hardly keeps a government lawyer in a paycheck and a secretary for a year. And I’d be willing to bet a substantial sum that each and every of those States has spent more than that on the pursuit of this single case. So I’m afraid that I cannot really see the point of this. The actual regulator, the FCC, has looked into it, found at best insufficient evidence that there was even a crime, then the States all pile in with another suit. At the end of which Google pays an amount they’ll not really notice but the taxpayers of each State will have paid more out on lawyers than they’ll get in. I fail to see who has been protected here nor even what the point was. All I can see is yet more money going to lawyers. And while that’s nice for lawyers it’s not really the point and purpose of a legal system now, is it?"

Lawyers: hogs at the trough.


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