Saturday, April 13, 2013

Policemen are India's most corrupt officials

Who's going to police the police?

Average Indian bribe is $670 | ZDNet: "Policemen are India's most corrupt officials, according to a Web site that aggregates reports from members of the public as part of a social initiative to tackle corruption. The site (IPAB), run by the Bangalore-based Janaagraha centre for citizenship and democracy, aggregated over 22,490 reports of bribes being paid in 493 cities. This registered a total value of INR 833 million (US$15 million) or approximately INR 37,000 (US$670) per bribe. Some of the allegations by citizens include: a cyclist being forced to pay INR 2,000 (US$37) to acquire a police report, after his bike was stolen; the Central Bureau of Customs and Excise charging a small business INR 10,000 (US$184) to register for Service Tax; and a Jaipur resident being "blackmailed" by the Income Tax department to the tune of INR 200,000 (US$3,684). "The ITO [income tax office] forced me to pay bribe, otherwise, heavy tax dues will be created and will be compelled to pay the wrongful tax," the whistleblower wrote. "So I was compelled to pay the bribe."


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