Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FTC off on another shakedown of Google

Google Faces Fresh U.S. Scrutiny Over Market Power | TIME.com: "Now, Google is said to be facing another antitrust probe, this time into its dominant position in the market for online display advertising. The Federal Trade Commission has launched a preliminary inquiry into whether Google is unfairly using its display ad market power to curb competition and push companies toward using its other products and services, according to multiple reports."

 After wasting millions in taxpayer funds and almost 2 years, "the FTC ruled unanimously that it lacked sufficient evidence to charge Google with antitrust violations" (source, supra). Now the FTC is off on another government-sponsored shakedown of Google--what a cool way to siphon millions off Google for DC lawyers, lobbyists (don't forget the revolving door at the FTC!). I guess the FTC has completely abandoned its mission to protect consumers in favor of feeding all the "hogs at the trough" in Washington.


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