Monday, August 12, 2013

Chicago, Mayor Daley, Police Torture

Ex-Chicago Mayor Daley called to testify on police torture claims | Fox News: "The now 60-year-old Wrice has always claimed he was innocent. He says he only confessed because he was tortured by Chicago cops after his arrest in 1982. A medical report written shortly after Wrice confessed states "there were too many bruises on his body to list on the report," said defense attorney Jennifer Bonjean.  After years of legal wrangling, Wrice is now scheduled for an evidentiary hearing in September, where a judge will take another look at his case and the torture claims. Daley has been subpoenaed to take the witness stand and talk about what he knows, or knew, under oath.  His testimony could have wide-ranging implications for this and other cases.  Bonjean argues that, as the state's attorney, "Daley knew or should've known the torture was taking place." "


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