Friday, June 8, 2012

FDR, George Meany and Public Unions

There are real important reasons why both George Meany and FDR did not support unionizing government employees--

Ann Coulter - June 6, 2012 - THE RECALL HEARD AROUND THE WORLD: "There's a reason both FDR and labor leader George Meany said it would be insane to ever allow government employees to unionize. People who work for the government don't have a hard-driving capitalist boss on the other side of the bargaining table demanding more work for less pay. No one is worried about the profit margin because there is no profit -- it's government! Rather, the only people on the other side of the table are the unions' co-conspirators: Democratic politicians willing to spend the public treasury on union members, who will repay the politicians by mobilizing voters. This is why Walker's victory Tuesday night was an amazing, miraculous, transformative event in the history of the nation."


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