Thursday, June 28, 2012

More on private prison corporations

Immigration Detention Center Proposal In Florida Pits Town Against Town: "The suburban spat in South Florida sheds light on how local financial incentives tie in to national policy on the detention of undocumented immigrants. Private prison corporations have captured hundreds of millions of dollars from the immigrant detention business over the past decade as the government has embarked on a campaign of increased border security and immigration enforcement. As the private immigrant detention business has expanded, companies such as CCA and the GEO Group Inc. have entered into revenue-sharing arrangements with local counties and municipalities that agree to house the prisons. In Southwest Ranches, for example, CCA and town officials had an agreement for the town to receive up to 4 percent of the revenues generated every day from the housing of immigrant detainees. There are similar agreements at other private facilities in Texas and Arizona, according to county documents in those states."

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