Friday, July 20, 2012

In California the Hogs are Running Wild!! (pt. 2)

The Hogs are running wild in bankrupt California--

Unauthorized vacation buyouts secretly pushed through at state parks department, audit says - Capitol and California - The Sacramento Bee: " . . . State workers are allowed to accrue up to 680 hours of unused leave time during their career, but that cap is routinely ignored. The state is obligated to pay for accrued leave when an employee leaves state service, at the rate of the employee's final salary.The secret program at the parks department was unusual because it allowed a select group of workers to cash out their leave. The money spent to buy out vacation time would have been enough to keep several state parks open. . . . The Natural Resources Agency would not divulge the name of the executive responsible for carrying out the vacation buyouts, citing state laws that forbid disclosing personnel matters. . . . "People did not know about it except at the highest levels," Marshall said of the buyout. "There was definitely discontent. The practice was questionable while we were trying to keep parks open." State Parks Director Ruth Coleman said the buyout occurred without her knowledge. She said she felt "shock and dismay" when she learned about it months later after rumors about the program had spread through the department. "From the minute I found out about it, I knew it was an egregious, bad thing," Coleman said . . . . "

Too little too late--the hogs had already gorged themselves at the public trough.

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