Monday, July 9, 2012

A New Normal for All but the Hogs at the Trough

EDITORIAL: Pension suit shows unions out of touch - The Westerly Sun: News: " . . . Rhode Island led the nation last year in bringing reform to its state pension system, and on Friday labor unions filed the suit everyone knew was coming in an effort to reverse that reform. Trouble is, no one can seem to figure out how to reverse the new normal — the money just isn’t there to fund pensions the rest of us lost decades ago. Annual cost of living increases, early retirement ages, luxurious medical benefits all went out the window for the average worker years and years ago. . .  Many of us are earning less than we did a few years ago and so the money just isn’t there to pay the increased taxes for benefits no one else has anymore. . . "

A New Normal for Everyone but the Hogs at the Trough!


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