Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicago teachers strike -- time for a reality check

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Views under the Palm : Chicago teachers are either the highest paid in the U.S.(according to Chicago Public Schools) or second-highest paid (according to the teachers union). In either event, the Chicago teachers strike is hard to justify when you look at the math--or what some call the "arithmetic"-- How Much Do Chicago Public School Teachers Make? « CBS Chicago: "Regardless of where Chicago teachers currently rank in salary, Civic Federation president Laurenence Msall said there’s one big roadblock to a big raise for teachers. “It’s math. It’s not really politics, as much as it gets caught up in politics. The financial situation of the Chicago Public Schools is dire. The situation of the State of Illinois – that provides significant funding to the Chicago Public Schools – is dire,” he said. “The property tax payers in Chicago are beleaguered. They’re seeing a drop in their property values, and to be asking them to pay increased property taxes, so we can fund increased salaries for employees is something that’s gonna be a very tough political sell.” Msall said there’ simply not enough money to support a significant pay hike for the teachers." Bottom line--what you're seeing in Chicago is Obama Democratic Party politics come to full fruition. Suck the public treasury dry for public worker salaries and benefits. All those union donations to Democratic campaign coffers have driven Chicago and Illinois to the brink of bankruptcy--and it is still not enough! Is this what you want for the rest of the country?

There has got to be (and there is) a better way.

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