Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike update

How Much Do Chicago Public School Teachers Make? « CBS Chicago: "Regardless of where Chicago teachers currently rank in salary (either 1st or 2nd in the nation!), Civic Federation president Laurenence Msall said there’s one big roadblock to a big raise for teachers. “It’s math. It’s not really politics, as much as it gets caught up in politics. The financial situation of the Chicago Public Schools is dire. The situation of the State of Illinois – that provides significant funding to the Chicago Public Schools – is dire,” he said. “The property tax payers in Chicago are beleaguered. They’re seeing a drop in their property values, and to be asking them to pay increased property taxes, so we can fund increased salaries for employees is something that’s gonna be a very tough political sell.” Msall said there’ simply not enough money to support a significant pay hike for the teachers."

And what about the kids? Have they been getting their "money's worth" from Chicago teachers? Hardly--

UPDATE 4-Both sides 'dug in' as Chicago teachers strike drags on | Reuters: "Both sides agree Chicago schools need fixing. Chicago students consistently perform poorly on standardized math and reading tests. About 60 percent of high school students graduate, compared with 75 percent nationwide and more than 90 percent in some affluent Chicago suburban schools. The fight does not appear to center on wages, with the school district offering an average 16 percent rise over four years and some benefit improvements. The union is fiercely opposed to Emanuel's demand that teacher performance be evaluated in part on the results of their students on standardized tests because it says teachers have no control over the conditions students face such as crime-ridden neighborhoods, poverty and disengaged parents. More than 80 percent of Chicago public school students qualify for free lunches at school because they come from low-income households . . ."  

In other words, because the kids come from poor neighborhoods, teachers should be unaccountable!


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