Friday, September 13, 2013

Miami-Dade Jail, US Justice Department, Unfit for Human Habitation

Another inmate death at Miami-Dade’s jail psychiatric ward - Miami-Dade - "The U.S. Justice Department is monitoring the jail system. In 2011, the department concluded a three-year probe, saying the nation’s eighth-largest jail system engaged in a “pattern and practice of constitutional violation” of the rights of inmates housed in deplorable living conditions under abusive, inadequate or limited care. In April, Miami-Dade County and Jackson Health agreed to a long and expensive list of improvements to how the system treats inmates, particularly those who are mentally ill or suicidal. As part of the deal, the county agreed to build a new mental-health facility, long championed by Judge Leifman, to replace the ninth-floor psychiatric ward. So far, supporters still are waiting for ground to be broken for the facility. Besides the deaths, the county jail system has had other troubling issues in recent months. Inmates and guards also have complained repeatedly about rats in the main jail. . . . ”

The US Justice Department is monitoring the jail? They are not doing their job -- where's Obama and Holder? They love to hog the camera, except when it actually comes to doing their jobs!

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