Monday, September 16, 2013

Police Officer Indicted on Charges of Lying About Photographer’s Arrest

Cop lied, got himself a 3 felony count indictment -- at least in New York, they are fed up with lying cops, and cops who don't like to be photographed (God forbid there be "accountability" -- what are they trying to hide?) --

Officer Is Indicted on Charges of Lying About Photographer’s Arrest - "A New York City police officer who had arrested a photographer working for The New York Times has been indicted on three felony counts and five misdemeanors accusing him of fabricating the reasons for the arrest, the Bronx district attorney announced on Monday."

Money quote: "The officer, Michael Ackermann, 30, claimed that the photographer interfered with an arrest last year of a teenage girl by repeatedly discharging his camera’s flash in Officer Ackermann’s face. But the officer’s account unraveled after the office of Robert T. Johnson, the Bronx district attorney, examined photographic evidence and determined that the photographer, Robert Stolarik, did not use a flash and did not have one on his camera at the time. Prosecutors added that no other police officers or civilian witnesses reported seeing a flash." (read more at link above)


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